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While the overall style of the DBS Bank logo has remained pretty much the same since the bank was founded, there have been a couple of comparatively subtle modifications.

Meaning and history

DBS Bank Logo history

1968 – 1998

DBS Logo 1968

The earliest logo looked pretty much like the current one, at first glance. You could see four identical rounded shapes forming a larger shape. The smaller shapes could be described as boomerangs or arches, while the larger shape resembled a flower.

The shapes were bright red over the white background.

1998 – Today

DBS logo

The four shapes have been pulled closer to each other. Now, their ends touch, while in the middle, there is a white gap. The vivid shade of red has been replaced by a calmer, darker one.

Next to the red flower, the lettering “DBS” can be seen in an elegant type.

Today, the Development Bank of Singapore logo featured on the official website again showcases the bright shade of red familiar by the company’s original emblem.

Emblem DBS Bank


The DBS Bank logo appears to be based on the Domaine Display Medium type. It is a refined display serif font with a pronounced difference in the width of the strokes. It was developed by Kris Sowersby and published by Klim Type Foundry.

Company overview

DBS Bank (The Development Bank of Singapore Limited before 2003) is headquartered in Marina Bay, Singapore. The company was founded by the Government of Singapore in 1968.

Today, it is a multinational banking and financial services corporation operating in 17 markets and boasting over 250 branches.