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Dexter is a criminal tv-series, which was first broadcasted in 2006 in the USA. The drama tells a story of a serial killer, based on the Jeff Lindsay novels. At the time of its release, Dexter was the most popular tv-show, aired on Showtime.

Meaning and history

Dexter Logo


The Dexter visual identity is minimalist yet has a unique recognizable character, showing the scarifying nature of the martial killer.

The Dexter wordmark in all the capitals is executed in a sans-serif typeface, which is Soda Script Bold Extra, which was designed in 1995 by Zuzana Licko.

The letter “T” has its vertical bar elongated and thinned to its end, resembling a blade, that makes sense, as the color of the logo is bloody-red, as well as some blood spots which always surround the logo on all the posters.

There is another version of the Dexter logo, which was created a little later. It fea-tures a bolder and simpler sans-serif font, but has more blood on its letters, espe-cially on “X” and the second “E”.

The Dexter logo is laconic yet shows the idea of the famous tv-series. It looks pow-erful and eye-catching, despite its frightening spirit.

The dark red color of the Dexter logo makes it look confident and solid on all the light backgrounds. The light beige is the one that is used more often, creating a calm yet strong contrast with the inscription. Colors of skin and blood.