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Dexter is a criminal tv-series, which was first broadcasted in 2006 in the USA. The drama tells a story of a serial killer, based on the Jeff Lindsay novels. At the time of its release, Dexter was the most popular tv-show, aired on Showtime.

Meaning and history

Dexter Logo
The Dexter visual identity is minimalist yet has a unique recognizable character, showing the scarifying nature of the martial killer.
This TV series has 8 seasons which were aired on Showtime from October 1, 2006, to September 22, 2013. The first season tells about Dexter working at the Miami Police Department’s forensic lab as a blood test expert. He is very good at his job and easily determines what happened at the crime scene. Perhaps the ability evolved because the hero is a serial killer. As a child, the boy was rescued from the crime scene by police officer Harry Morgan, who adopted him. He taught the guy a moral code: kill those who really deserve it. The protagonist uses the job and learns about the killers who escaped from the judicial system.