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Marmot is an American sportswear label, which was established in 1974 in Colorado. The brand is most known for climbing apparel and equipment. Marmot is one of the most popular and reliable mountain gear producers.

Meaning and history

Marmot Logo

The Marmot visual identity is fully based on the company’s main profile — climbing equipment. The Marmot logo is composed of a wordmark and an emblem above it. The emblem is often used on its own, especially on websites.

The wordmark is executed in a modern custom serif font, which features founded bold lines. The lowercase “m” looks funny and playful due to the two whisk curves of its vertical bars.

The Marmot emblem is the brightest and strongest element of the brand’s logo. It comprises a solid red circle with a stylized letter “M” on it. The “M” is drawn in white and features sharp and confident lines. Its shape resembles snowy mountain peaks.

Marmot symbol

The “M” is placed diagonally, with its left vertical bar elongated, which creates a sense of movement and dynamics.

The Marmot logo is powerful and confident, evoking a sense of passion for mountain sports and the value of progress and innovation in creating the best climbing apparel and accessories.

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