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Marks & Spencer is a popular brand of a fashion, household and interior accessories retailer, established in the U.K.  Opened in 1884 by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer, it became one of the pioneering premium brands in the U.K.

Marks & Spencer Slogan
  • Only at Your M&S

  • The customer is always and completly right.

Meaning and history

Marks & Spencer Logo history

Marks & Spencer is a very significant name in the retail industry. It has a rich history and it’s logo held several redesigns, every change was reflecting the progress of the brand and its movement. The Marks & Spencer logo is a great example of how the company reacts on the preferences and changes of its audience.

1930 — 1954

Marks & Spencer Logo 1930

The first Marks & Spencer logo was a round emblem with “M & C” monogram inside. The classic lettering in monochrome looks far from the logo we know now, but was quite a bright example for its time.

1954 — 1975

Marks & Spencer Logo 1950

The redesigned logo keeps the shape and sense of the previous one, but the typeface is more geometric now, reminding of the Greek alphabet. The emblem is still composed of the brand’s monogram enclosed in a round-shape frame.

Logo1 Marks & Spencer

1975 — 1988

Marks & Spencer Logo 1970

The first time, when the full wordmark appeared on the Marks & Spencer logo was in the 1970s. It was executed in a classic serif font, featuring monochrome palette.

1988 — 2000

Marks & Spencer Logo 1988

The wordmark is colored sea-blue now, and the typeface is more confident, with bigger letters and stronger lines. The new color of the logo evokes a sense of calmness and reliability.

2000 — 2007

Marks & Spencer Logo 2000

In 2000 the brand started writing its name in all-caps, the deep-sea color remained. The wordmark looks more eye-catching and powerful now.  During this time period the brand creates a new brand identity, with finer letters and new colors, but it starts being used officially only in 2007.

Logo Marks & Spencer

2007 — 2014

Marks & Spencer Logo 2007

The wordmark in a simple sans-serif typeface featuring two colors: black and lime-green. It looks more energetic now, with a youthful spirit. The new logo is a reflection of brand’s creativity and progress.

2014 — 2022

Marks & Spencer Logo 2014
The current Marks & Spencer’s logo is more traditional, than the previous one. It is composed of the brand’s initials, executed in black on a white background, with an additional tagline “EST. 1884”, which shows the brand’s heritage.

The typeface of the wordmark is simple and strict, with bold letter lines. The logo looks light due to enough space left between the letters.

2018 – Today

Marks & Spencer logo