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Marco Tozzi is one of several brands owned by the German shoemaking company Wortmann Group. Marco Tozzi specializes in modern, practical, but also fashionable products. A lot of their goods, therefore, are sneakers, sandals and such down-to-earth products. Besides that, there are also many varieties of more fancy footwear, as well as bags.

Meaning and History

Marco Tozzi Logo history

The brand was introduced in the 70s. In spite of the name, the production is based in Germany, and not Italy. The name, however, translated from Italian as ‘robust brand’, or something along those lines. It alludes to the practicality and simplicity of the Marco Tozzi footwear.

1979 – 2020

Marco Tozzi Logo 1979

The initial logo portrayed the company’s name. Both words were placed in a single line. The letters in it were all uppercase, except the ‘T’ was, for some reason, a bit taller than the rest. As for the font, it was a strict, yet bold enough serif style. The coloring was normally just black throughout the letters, or identically white.

2020 – today

Marco Tozzi Logo

The newer logo depicted the same very thing, except the font and some design solutions changed. Now, they were all sans-serif letters with the same size. They were still all uppercase, but this time the font was a simple, linear sans-serif. There were basically just lines without any excesses. Two gaps inside the letters were introduced to the immediate right of the M’s middle junction and where the lines in the letter T meet.