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Daniel Hechter Paris is a French fashion and lifestyle brand founded in 1962. The brand’s owner is headquartered in Miltenberg (Germany).

Meaning and history

Daniel Hechter logo

In terms of its structure, the Daniel Hechter logo is somewhat similar to the Aldo Brue logo. Both of them consist of an emblem and the name of the brand below. Moreover, both the emblems feature two parallel lines positioned diagonally. In case of the Daniel Hechter symbol, the lines are rising and possess equal length, while in the Aldo Brue symbol the lines are going down and have different lengths.

Also, there are curvy elements in the Aldo Brue icon, while the typeface is more refined.

As for the Daniel Hechter logo, both the symbol and the wordmark with its minimalist sans serif type look more masculine and utilitarian.