MAPEI is a building adhesives manufacturing company, which was established in 1937 in Italy. The company started as a small business, that produced and sold paint for interior and exterior use and grew in one of the world’s leaders in manufacturing adhesives, mortars and various additives for the building industry.

Meaning and history

The name of the company, MAPEI, is an abbreviation for “Materiali Ausiliari Per l’Edilizia e l’Industria”, which is Italian for “Auxiliary Materials For Construction and Industry”. Established in Milan in 1937, today MAPEI is one of the European leaders in construction substance production.

The company’s logo is composed of a difficult and elegant emblem with the wordmark on its right. The blue and white color palette of the MAPEI visual identity represents the company as a professional and reliable one, evoking a sense of confidence and loyalty.

MAPEI Emblem

The group’s emblem is placed inside a scoop-like frame and is composed of a volumetric geometric figure, formed by several cubes, which are colored blue and white. The composition symbolizes both the process of making the famous MAPEI adhesives (the mixing in a scoop) and the result — the architectural construction, building.

It is a simple and at the same time complicated logo, which has several meanings but looks modest and laconic. The logo looks timeless and strong, reflecting the essence and nature of the company.


The company’s wordmark in all capitals is executed is a bold italicized sans-serif typeface, which is close to the narrowed Grange Heavy Italic, with the letter “P” modified and its loop enlarged and elongated along the body.

The lettering is neat and strict and the inclination evokes a sense of movement and progress, adding dynamics and strength to the whole logo.



MAPEI is a huge corporation, producing adhesives, chemical products and other building materials for the construction industry. The company was established more than eighty years ago and by today has grown into the world’s leader of the industry with its offices and production facilities in almost 40 countries across the globe.

The label’s range of products includes adhesives, sealants, additive, chemicals and waterproofing agents for both residential and commercial buildings. The company also provides a variety of services, such as the installation of different surfaces — tiles, interior concrete, wood, carpets, and vinyl. There are more than 5 thousand positions in the branded catalog.

MAPEI values innovation and technological research, and have a huge subdivision, working on research and development, where more than 10% of the company’s employees work. The company aims to provide its customers with new solutions, which will be the best in terms of quality, comfort, easy installation, and maintenance.