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While the logo of Fortis Healthcare Limited (FHL) conveys its message using the language of symbols, it is still perfectly clear and easy to grasp.

Meaning and history

Fortis logo

Like the majority of logotypes, the Fortis logo consists of the pictorial part and wordmark.

The pictorial part features two stylized hands with a red circle positioned in between and slightly above them. The design symbolizes the care the clients get from the hospitals or, to be precise, from the medical staff.

Emblem Fortis


The Fortis logo was drawn from scratch rather than made up of an already existing typeface. You can easily see it in the way the “r” merges with the “t” and “i” forming a single element. The connection between the letters is not just a decorative element – it has a symbolic meaning. It represents the support the client (the letter “t”) receives from the medical workers (the two glyphs from the sides).

Company overview

Logo Fortis

Fortis Healthcare Limited is a chain of hospitals based in Gurgaon, India. It was established in 2001. While the first hospital was located in Mohali, the company acquired several other players and spread in India, Dubai, and Sri Lanka.

As of 2020, FHL has 36 healthcare facilities. In 2018, its revenue exceeded 4,500 crores (US$640 million).

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