Manowar Logo

Manowar Logo

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Manowar is a heavy-metal band, which was created in 1980 in the USA. The band’s  songs are mainly based on Sword-and-Saucery topics. The group sold more than 10 million albums and has earned a lot of music awards.

Meaning and history

Manowar Logo

The word “Manowar” refers to a warship, equipped with heavy guns, which was being manufactured up to the middle of the 19th century. However, Joey De Mayo, the Manowar bassist, explains the band’s name as a combination of War and Mannish substance.

The Manowar logo is a confident wordmark, with clear and bold lines and pointed tops. The Gothic-styled typeface is strong and remarkable.

The wordmark features first and last letters capitalized, and the middle “O” executed in the shape of a shield. This gives the symmetry to the logo and makes it balanced and neat.

Manowar emblem

The color palette of Manowar alternates from monochrome to red or silver on a white background, but all these colors reflect the band’s passion and power, its unique style and approach.