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Enhypen Logo
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Enhypen is an Asian musical collective, which appeared in 2020. They are famous as a boy band. There are seven male group participants: Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sanoo and Ni-Ki. As a partner of Belift Lab musical distributor, Enhypen quickly became popular for their K-pop songs.

Meaning and history

The boyband expressed itself in 2020, on a survival reality show called I-Land. The 23 males participated in the show to receive a winner prize. In the show’s finale, 7 winning participants formed the new collective. The collective’s nameplate was displayed during the final of the show. Enhypen derives from the en dash (-), also known as hyphen. Just like the dash, representing connection, Enhypen targets to unite people and advance to form ‘a new act’.

What is Enhypen?
Enhypen is a K-pop collective from South Korea. It was established in 2020, on the finale of the I-Land contest show. The band’s membership is constructed of seven people: Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sanoo and Ni-Ki. They collaborate with Belift Lab label. Their first work was an extended play called Border: Day One.

2020 – Today

Enhypen Logo

Soon after wordmark, the brand design team evinced the logotype. It’s a plate depicting an inscription with the name of the brand.


The font of this inscription has bold sans-serif type with all caps. The letters have a typical appearance with some little features. For example, the first ‘E’ character has a separated central bar. Also, the first ‘N’ letter is less bold than the last one.


The color scheme of Enhypen’s brand identity consists of a black shade used for the background and some shade for the word. The name can be painted white, gradient blue and pink, red or even black, if the background is white.

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