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The name “Manchester Monarchs” relates to the AHL team that played from 2001 to 2015 and the ECHL team that have been performing since 2015, their location being in Manchester, New Hampshire.

The current Monarchs (previously the Ontario Reign) replaced the AHL Monarchs who became the Ontario Reign after their relocation to Ontario, California.

Meaning and history
Manchester Monarchs Logo history

2000 — 2014

Manchester Monarchs Logo 2000
Fans saw the original Monarchs’ logo for the first time at the beginning of 2000-2001 season. A lion head as the logo of the ice hockey team with a “royal” name didn’t come as a surprise. The lion is wearing a crown to lay more emphasis on their “royalty”. The team’s name is above the lion’s head. The Monarchs used black, gold, silver and purple in that logo. Thanks to the color scheme the logo looks spectacular.

2014 — 2015

Manchester Monarchs logo

Then the club decided to remove the purple and gold colors. Some part of their identity was lost. Yet, the black and grey version looks modern and is great as well.Manchester Monarchs emblem

The new Manchester-based franchise keeps not only the name of their predecessor but also their logo. They made just one alteration ‒ they withdrew from the wordmark with the team’s name. The result they got was a simple and at the same time a solid logo.