Basel Logo

Basel Logo PNG

Basel is the name of one of the most successful Swiss football clubs, which was es-tablished in 1893. Today Basel is in the top 3 of the Swiss Super League, having Marcel Koller as the head coach and Bernhard Burgener as the President.

Meaning and history

The bright and royal Basel badge looks cool and elegant at the same time. Executed in very traditional heraldic colors, it could have been boring and usual, but there is something that makes you remember it from the first sight.

The badge of the Swiss club is composed of a sleek shield with its top part arched to the center. The shield, vertically divided into red and blue halves, featured a thick gold and black outline, which is balanced by an elegant “FCB” monogram placed in the middle.

The yellow lettering boasts narrowed shapes and elongated lines and has its contours repeating the contours of the crest.

Probably the most recognizable part of the Basel logo is the gold football, which is not placed under the monogram, or somewhere else where we got used to seeing it, but it overlaps the badge on its upper left part.

The location of the football makes the logo special and modern, showing the strong yet vivid and playful character of the club and making it stand out.