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Ludogorets is the name of a Bulgarian football club, which was established in 1945. Today the club, nicknamed The Eagles, is the national champion, it is owned by Kiril Domuschiev and has Pavel Vrba as the head coach.

Meaning and history

Ludogorets Logo history
The Ludogorets Razgrad (The Wild Forest in Bulgarian) club has appeared relatively recently and started its history in 2001. Until 2010, though, they were known as Ludogorie FC and played in amateur leagues. With the change in name and ownership, the club began to show who they truly are and add titles, trophies, as well as the Bulgarian Cup to the list of their achievements. It seemed that they felt the spirit of the Ludogorets Razgrad club that existed from 1945 until 2006 and the license of which the club was able to acquire in 2010.

Before 2016

Ludogorets Logo old
Until 2016, the team had an emblem that had an interesting shape. In addition, all the inscriptions were done in Bulgarian. The letter “L” was placed in the center of a green portion of the emblem. It was done in white with a black outline and bracketed serifs. The foundation year of the club the legacy of which they continued was placed under the right leg of the “L”. The word “Razgrad” was placed along the right border with black sans-serif letters standing out on the white background. The deep, relaxing green gave a very positive feel and reflected the great potential of this club.

2016 – Today

The visual identity of the famous Bulgarian football club looks powerful and strict. Its badge, executed in a very calm yet intense color palette, evokes a sense of strength and courage.
The Ludogorets logo is composed of a wide sleek shield with arched sides and a smooth top part. The body of the crest is colored forest green, which symbolizes progress and success, and has three white diagonal lines crossing it in the middle.
The white “PFC Ludogorets” wordmark is arched on the top part of the crest, featuring a thick and clean sand-serif lettering.
In the middle of the crest, there is another, smaller crest, where the black-and-white football is placed between the black wings of a flying eagle, the main symbol of the team. The bird looks powerful and dangerous, showing the character and intentions of the club.
Under the eagle, there is a bold white “1945” date mark located, arched from the center.