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Luca is the name of an animation movie, released by Pixar in 2021. The cartoon tells a story about a boy, named Luca, who is actually a sea creature, turned into a person.

Meaning and history

Luca is a warm and beautiful animation, with the landscapes of an Italian riviera, and a very special light in each scene of the movie. The story by Pixar is about two young sea dwellers, Alberto and Luca, who turned into ordinary boys on land. They didn’t know each other before, but their common goal of winning the local triathlon tournament makes them best friends.

Boys know very little about human life, so they accept the help of a local girl who has come to Riviera to visit her father on vacation, and she has no idea of their real identity at all. The animation is all about carefree childhood and exploration of the human world. Beautiful, fairytalish, and very kind.

What is Luca?
Luca is a Pixar animation movie, released in 2021, and dedicated to Ennio Morricone, a famous Italian composer, who was supposed to write music for Luca but passed away.

In terms of visual identity, Luca is bright and vivid, crispy and sunny, just like the scenery and mood of the cartoon. The main thing here is about the colors, which go from blue to turquoise, representing the sea with its clean fresh waters.


Luca Logo

The Luca badge was designed in 2021, for the world premiere of the movie, which took place in June. The logo is set in a bright delightful color palette, composed of green-to-blue shades. It features bold handwritten lettering in the uppercase of a custom sans-serif font, with uneven ends of the bars, and the glyphs turning blue from green going up. The logotype is underlined by a stylized green and blue wave and complemented by two insignias on top: the Disney on the left, and the Pixar on the right. Both insignias are set in the same palette and executed in their corporate styles.

Font and color

The bold uppercase Luca lettering from the primary badge of the Pixar animated movie is set in a modern custom typeface, with the smoothened contours of the capitals, and uneven edges of the lines, which create a feeling of the crayon-drawn structure. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Repetition, Awesome Sauce Regular, or Bridgewater North, but with most contours modified.

As for the color palette of the Luca visual identity, it is set in a fresh and delightful combination of turquoise and green shades, which brilliantly represent the “sea” theme of the movie, and create a great contrast with the white background of the badge. Apart from the primary color scheme, the Luca badge can also be seen in black or white, depending on the placement and the needs of the advertising campaign.