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The University of Nevada, Reno, is represented by around 15 varsity teams, including both men’s and women’s teams. Both the primary logos the school has had since 2000, have been inspired by the wolf theme.

Meaning and history

Nevada Wolf Pack logo history

Tracing its roots back to the establishment of the University of Nevada, Reno’s athletics department, the Nevada Wolf Pack emerged as a formidable force in collegiate sports. The inception of this athletic division marks a pivotal chapter in the university’s history, laying the foundation for a journey marked by athletic prowess and competitive spirit. Throughout their storied existence, the Wolf Pack has carved out a niche in NCAA Division I sports, especially gaining acclaim in basketball and football. Their journey is adorned with remarkable milestones, including impressive showings in NCAA tournaments and noteworthy performances in various bowl games. These accolades not only underscore their competitive tenacity but also reflect the deep-rooted traditions and values of the institution they represent. Presently, the Nevada Wolf Pack stands as a beacon of athletic dedication and excellence, continually striving for greatness in the diverse spectrum of sports within the NCAA framework, and embodying the indomitable spirit of the University of Nevada, Reno.

What is Nevada Wolf Pack?
The Nevada Wolf Pack represents the athletic embodiment of the University of Nevada, Reno, competing with distinction in NCAA Division I. This division is renowned for its illustrious history in sports like basketball and football, epitomizing the university’s commitment to athletic and academic excellence.


Nevada Wolf Pack Logo-2000

The old Nevada Wolf Pack logo, which was used by the athletic program in 2000-2007, was based on a large “N” glyph. While many teams have emblems based on block capitals (including the “N”), this logo looked totally unique due to the elegant wolf design housed inside the left vertical line of the “N.” You could see the head of a wolf turning back and looking straight at you. Along the right vertical bar, the word “Nevada” could be seen. The “N” was navy with grey trim, while the word “Nevada” and the outline of the wolf were given in white. Below the image, the lettering “Wolf Pack” in a heavy serif type could be seen.

2008 – Today

Nevada Wolf Pack Logo

In 2008, the team updated its emblem. Now, there is the side view of the wolf’s head facing to the right. The word “Nevada” is arched above. Both the previous and the current wolf look pretty abstract. However, in the case of the current emblem, there is more dynamism and tension due to the shape of the elements forming the wolf’s neck.

While the shape of the Nevada Wolf Pack logo went through a complete overhaul, the palette remained the same, which helped to make the transition from one emblem to the other easier.

Nevada Wolf Pack football

Nevada Wolf Pack football logo

The team is coached by Jay Norvell. It had its first official season in 1896. The Nevada Wolf Pack has won 14 conference championships as part of four different conferences. They have participated in 16 bowl games.

Nevada Wolf Pack basketball

Nevada Wolf Pack basketball logo

The men’s basketball team of the University of Nevada, which was founded in 1913, is coached by Steve Alford. The team has competed in the NCAA Tournament eight times reaching the Sweet Sixteen in 2004 and 2018.

Nevada Wolf Pack Colors

HEX COLOR: #003366;
RGB: (0, 46, 98)
CMYK: (100, 90, 13, 68)

HEX COLOR: #807F84;
RGB: (128, 127, 132)
CMYK: (40, 30, 20, 66)

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