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Lotto is an Italian brand of sportswear and accessories manufacturer, which was founded in 1939 as a footwear producing company. Today the brand is distributed in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Meaning and history

Lotto Logo

The famous Lotto logo was first designed in 1973 and was only slightly modified during the brand’s history.

The Lotto logo is composed of a wordmark and an emblem enclosed in a rectangular frame.

The wordmark in a custom typeface is bold and strong. The lettering is italicized and condensed. The nameplate uses only lower-case letters with rounded angles of the bottom parts and straight lines of the top.

The Lotto emblem is a geometrical image, which symbolizes two sport fields (soccer and basketball), layered one on the other with the red rhombus at their overlay point.

The color palette of the brand’s visual identity features white lettering on a black background with a red square, on which the emblem is located. It is a traditional tricolor, that symbolizes passion and movement.

It is a strong and powerful logo, full of energy and movement. The Lotto logo shows the brand’s values of a quality sportswear, and design expertise, as well as brand’s stability and heritage.