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The Italian brand Loriblu manufactures shoes, bags, clothing, and an array of fashionable accessories, from hats to purses. The company was founded in 1974 by Graziano Cuccù. The brand’s first breakthrough was the Mignon shoe unveiled in 1978.

Meaning and history

The luxury Loriblu brand was founded by Graziano Cuccu in 1974. Graziano’s wife, Annarita Pilotti today is the Loriblu CEO and since 2014 she is also the president of the Assocalzaturifici Italiani, a national organization that represents the interests of Italian shoe brands. Pilotti became the first woman president in the history of the organization.

Cuccu himself is responsible for the design of all collections from the foundation of the brand to the present day. His first real success was the Mignon shoe, designed in 1978. By today the brand has sold more than a hundred thousand pairs of these iconic pumps.

Loriblu logo

The brand has continued to grow and strengthen its reputation in Italy and abroad for quality and design. In 1996, Cuccu received the prestigious Scarpetta d’Oro award for his unusual pumps with gold and zircon details. The designer also likes to decorate his models with Swarovski crystals.

The quality of the brand’s shoes is checked at all stages of production, from the making of the lasts to the packaging of the finished product. This is the main principle of Loriblu because the company needs their customers to get only perfect products.

What is Loriblu?

Loriblu is the legendary Italian footwear brand, which was established in 1974, and introduced the iconic Mignon pumps in 1978. Since the first years the designer of the brand, Graziano Cuccu, has been experimenting with materials and shapes of the heel, and this is what makes this brand so special.

As for the visual identity, the iconic Italian brand follows the path of simple and timeless elegance, writing its name in all capitals of a sophisticated yet stable serif typeface, in the black and white color palette, of course.

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Loriblu Logo

The Loriblu logo is seemingly simple: just the wordmark in black and white. And yet, you may notice that the letters are slightly narrower and taller than usual in comparison with their width. This feature could have been inspired by the brand’s signature product – the elegant high-heeled shoe with its elongated proportions and feminine curves.

The typeface, used for the elegant Loriblu logo is very similar to Century 725 Std Condensed and Madison Antiqua Pro Condensed. The fonts with exquisite style and character.