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The logo of the athletic teams competing for Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia, looks dynamic and modern.

Meaning and history

Longwood Lancers logo history

Tracing its roots to the establishment of Longwood University’s athletic department, the Longwood Lancers emerged as a symbol of sportsmanship and athletic prowess. Founded alongside the university in Farmville, Virginia, in 1839, the Lancers’ journey through the years encapsulates a legacy of growth and competitive spirit. This journey, punctuated by periods of significant development, has seen the Lancers evolve into a well-respected name in collegiate sports.

Central to the Lancers’ narrative are their commendable accomplishments across various sports disciplines. The men’s basketball team, a beacon of the Lancers’ spirit, has consistently demonstrated vigor and skill in the Big South Conference. Parallel to this, the Lancers’ baseball team has etched its name in the annals of the NCAA Division I Baseball Tournament, illustrating their competitive edge. Complementing these achievements, the women’s soccer team’s prowess stands as a testament to the Lancers’ diverse athletic strength. These milestones not only highlight the Lancers’ athletic capabilities but also serve as a rallying point for community pride and university spirit.

In the current sports landscape, the Longwood Lancers maintain a notable stature, especially within the Big South Conference’s ambit. Their ongoing participation in NCAA Division I sports is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence. Longwood University’s steadfast investment in enhancing its athletic facilities, coupled with a focus on nurturing top-tier coaching and athlete development, underscores a deep-rooted commitment to sustaining the Lancers’ competitive edge. This approach ensures that the Longwood Lancers continue to uphold a legacy of athletic distinction, significantly enriching the university’s heritage and standing.

What is Longwood Lancers?
Representing Longwood University, the Longwood Lancers are a collective of athletic teams competing in NCAA Division I. Their participation spans several sports, notably basketball, baseball, and soccer, under the Big South Conference. The Lancers embody a rich tradition of athletic excellence and university pride, playing a pivotal role in shaping the student experience and campus culture at Longwood University.

2001 – 2006

Longwood Lancers Logo-2001

The earlier Longwood Lancers logo adopted in 2001 was different, though. Due to the knight, it had something old-fashioned about it.

2007 – 2013

Longwood Lancers Logo-2007

The retro effect disappeared on the 2007 emblem. Here, the head of a horse was the centerpiece.

2014 – Today

Longwood Lancers Logo

When the team updated the Longwood Lancers logo in 2014, they preserved the horse’s head but modified the lettering making “Longwood” the most prominent word.

Longwood Lancers basketball

The men’s basketball team of Longwood University competed in the 2019 Division I College Basketball Invitational tournament and in the 1980 NCAA Division III Tournament. They have played in three NCAA Division II Tournaments.

Although the women’s team was established in 1920, it had its first official season in 1976. It has competed in the Division II Tournament on four occasions.

Longwood Lancers softball

Since 1998, the team has been coached by Kathy Riley. The Lancers have competed in four NCAA Division I Softball Championships and two NCAA Division II Softball Championships.

Longwood Lancers Colors

HEX COLOR: #15213B;
RGB: (21, 33, 59)
CMYK: (94, 83, 47, 55)

RGB: (153, 157, 158)
CMYK: (43, 33, 33, 1)

RGB: (255, 255, 255)
CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 0)

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