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The logo of the Swiss luxury watchmaker Longines has gone through more than ten updates since 1889 when it was registered. And yet, there’s an element that can be seen in the majority of the versions.

Curious to find out what this element is? Then take a look at the Longines watches logo timeline.

Meaning and history

Longines watches logo

Can you see the winged hourglass? The company registered it with Switzerland’s Federal Office of Intellectual Property in 1889. Also, the name and logo were registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization in 1893, and according to the brand, Longines is the oldest unchanged, still active trademark registered with the WIPO.


Longines emblem

The structure of the symbol is simple – just an hourglass with two wings. On the earliest version, which was introduced in 1860, the wings had pronounced curves on the top, while the ends were pointed down. The same approach could be seen in the following two versions the watch brand Longines introduced in 1867 and 1889 respectively.

From 1900 to 1941, the company used a wordmark emblem without any pictorial elements. Eventually, in 1942, a new period started in the Longines logo history. It was then that the winged hourglass made a return to the emblem. While the logo has been modified at least four times since then (in 1954, 1957, 1965, and 1981), it has always been built around this symbol.


Longines logo

The all-caps sans serif type seen on the Longines logo looks very similar to Clarendon Regular designed by Hermann Eidenbenz.


watch brand Longines

The dark shade of blue creates a distinct contrast with the white background.