L&M Logo

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L&M is a cigarette label established in 1873 in the USA by Liggett Group. Today the brand is a part of Altria, the biggest American tobacco corporation, and the cigarettes under its tag are distributed all over the globe.

Meaning and history

The L&M cigarettes logo hasn’t changed much since it was first designed. The strict and modes wordmark is enclosed in a circle and the brand’s heraldic symbol is placed on its left.

The L&M lettering in capitals is executed in a classic serif typeface with bold straight lines. The “&” symbol is smaller than the letters and placed in the upper part of the free space between “L” and “M”. It adds delicacy and elegance to the inscription.

L&M Logo

The framing of the circle emblem is split into two parts — the thick right half is colored silver, while the thinner left uses orange or blue, depending on the type of the cigarettes.

The L&M icon is composed of two rampant lions holding a shield with the brand’s monogram. There is an ornate crown above the shield and a curved ribbon under the lions.

The background of the monogram also varies from pack to pack — it can be colored light blue on the light L&M cigarettes and orange — on the classic strong.