Llumar Logo

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The logo of the window film brand Llumar represents the company’s product using the language of symbols.

Meaning and history

The pictorial part of the Llumar logo is a red semi-circle housing a stylized sun. The picture represents the sun as seen through the window covered by the film. The rays, which can also be seen on the emblem, do not hurt your eyes, and even the hot summer sun is not dangerous.

In other words, the logo shows what benefits you will get from the product.

Llumar Logo


The type on the Llumar logo is somewhat elongated, although it still stays clean and perfectly legible. The fact the two initials are capitalized adds a unique touch.

Company overview

The brand belongs to Solutia Inc., a US manufacturer of materials and specialty chemicals. LLumar is one of its Performance Films brands. The Performance Films range consists of professional and retail window films of high quality. They are custom-coated and intended mainly for automotive and architectural aftermarket where it is used for various purposes, from tinting and safety to energy saving.