Cruciani C Logo

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C.P. Company was established in 1971. The Italian apparel brand was originally called Chester Perry.

Meaning and history


The Cruciani C logo is elaborate and stylish. It looks more like someone’s personal signature than a regular logo of a fashion house.

The design can be broken down into two parts. First, there is the name of the brand in a creative type inspired by handwriting. The end of the first “C” is extended to form a flower with four petals. In fact, if you did not know the name of the brand, you would have probably thought that it is not the letter “C” but the stem. The word “Cruciani,” which can be seen to the right, cannot boast decent legibility.

Below, the lettering “Italian luxury pop” in a perfectly legible sans type can be seen. This at least gives some explanation to someone who is not familiar with the brand and is trying to figure out what it is judging from the Cruciani C logo.