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Dr. Martens is a British brand of footwear and apparel manufacturer, which was founded in 1945 by Klaus Martens, based on a Grigg’s family workshop, created in 1901. Today the brand is one of the world’s best known shoes labels.

Meaning and history

Dr. Martens Logo history

Dr. Martens is an iconic footwear brand, which is known for its individuality, durability and highs quality. The brand’s identity is instantly recognizable due to its traditional color palette, which has been with the brand during all its history.

The Dr. Martens logo is composed of a wordmark and a round emblem. It was designed in 1960 and still features the same palette and style.

Old Logo

New  Logo

Dr. Martens logo

The brand’s color scheme is black and yellow, which is a bright and remarkable combination. Yellow is a signature color for the company — it is also used for stitches of all the Dr. Martens shoes.

The wordmark of the brand is executed in bold classic typeface, and slightly waved upwards. There is also “AirWair” part, which is written in smaller sized letters and located on top of the emblem. AirWair was the name of the first brand’s shoes model.

The Dr. Martens emblem is a yellow circle, partially framed with black on its bottom part. The brand’s tagline is placed on the black arch and says “With Bouncing Soles”.