Lionsgate Logo

Lionsgate logo

Lionsgate is the name of an entertainment business, which was established in 1997 in Canada and today operates also in the United States. The company is known mainly for the production of films and is one of the most successful representatives of its segment in North America.

Meaning and history

Lionsgate logo

The Lionsgate logo, designed by Tim Palen, is minimalist and laconic, it shows the professional confident company, which releases high-quality movies, popular all over the globe.

The Lionsgate logo is composed of a wordmark in all capitals. The lettering is exe-cuted in a sans-serif typeface, which combines three different fonts: Avant-Garde, Gill Sans, and Vonness.

The letters are well-balanced and evoke a sense of stability and harmony. The only unique detail of the nameplate is its letter “E”, whose horizontal bars are cut in the shape of the arch.

When used in typography and on websites, LionsGate uses a monochrome palette, which emphasizes the company’s power and authority. But in the studio’s movies, there is an animated version of the logo, where the cloudy background can gain dif-ferent shades, as well as three-dimensional lettering of the LionsGate logotype.

The Lionsgate logo looks modern and strong. It evokes a sense of professionalism and reliability and shows the company as the one that values quality.