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ESPNews is the name of one of the American cable tv-channels, which was established in 1996, as the sports news broadcaster. Although, by today the channel has changed its direction, and mainly specialized on shows and programs, related to sports, as well as ESPN radio-shows broadcasting.

Meaning and history

ESPNews is the daughter brand of the most famous sport tv-channel in America, so everything in it, from its visual identity to the line-up, has an affiliation to ESPN, and is dedicated to sports and various sport-related events activities.

1996 – Today

ESPNews Logo

ESPNews logo, created in 1996, hasn’t been changed for many years. It is bright, bold, and based on the iconic ESPN logo, which is recognized all over the world and is synonymous with everything sport-related, that might be seen on tv.

The logo of the channel is built on two main principles: the color, and the letter shapes. The red (which can change its shades from orange to burgundy, depending on placement and background), is the color of power, energy, and passion, all three qualities describe the channel better than any other words.

As for the logotype itself, the “ESPNews” is written in all capitals of an extra-bold sans-serif typeface, with some of the angles rounded, and cuts straight. The letters are slightly slanted to the right, representing motion and action. Although the letters are placed pretty close to each other, the logotype does not look heavy, as the thin white horizontal line is coming through the upper part of the inscription, cutting it, and adding air, making the letters evoke an even sense of speed movement.

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