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Lilymanga is the name of a website, which offers a huge catalog of manga and anime comics, cartoons, movies, and series, which are split into several categories, making it easier for users to find the needed content. Lilymanga is an online streaming service, with constant updates.

Meaning and history

Lilymanga is one of the most popular online sources of anime and manga content in different genres. Here you can find comics, movies, and series in all the possible categories, which can be conveniently browsed through a well-thought menu on the website.

All content is absolutely free and it does not require any personal detail or credit card payment to watch the whole variety of manga available on Lilymanga. Users can watch and read the selected items from any device, whenever it is good for them. The website constantly updates, so all the latest episodes are being uploaded in no time after the official release.

What is Lilymanga?

Lilymanga is the online platform with one of the largest catalogs of anime and manga cartoons, comics, and series. The website offers old and new releases, which are conveniently categorized and are absolutely free to watch to the users.

Lilymanga Logo

Lilymanga Logo

Lilymanga is a website with a very bright and lively visual identity. Its playful emblem can be used on its own (for a mobile app icon) or accompanied by a massive and distinctive logotype (for the website).

The Lilymanga emblem is a drawing of a cat in white and orange, set between two soft pink foamy clouds, with sparkling white bubbles all around. The image is so kind and friendly, that makes everyone want to visit the platform, and to feel like a kid, watching the colorful Japanese animations.

When the logotype is needed for the emblem, it is set along the bottom part of the kitten image, executed in the uppercase (all letters but the “N”), and written horizontally, but slightly jumping above the line. The inscription is set in a massive and modern sans-serif typeface with its delightful yellow letters thinly outlined in black. The letters of the inscription are glued to each other, having enough space between the two parts of the website’s name.

Due to the right choice of the colors, the bold letters of the wordmark do not overweight the badge, but stabilize it and add some confidence to the overall structure.