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Leroy Merlin is a French brand of household goods, decorations and gardening products retailing company, which was established in 1923 by Adolphe Leroy and Rose Merlin. The brand is popular in European countries as well as in Asia and South America.

Meaning and history

Leroy Merlin Logo history

1968 – 1980

Leroy Merlin logo-1968
The very first logo for Leroy Merlín featured a text-based emblem with the narrowed sans-serif lettering and only one full-sized letter “O”, which had a stylized image of the lady’s silhouette inside. The inscription was executed in a bold geometric font with straight lines and distinct angles. The color palette used for the original logo of the company was black and white.

1980 – 1996

Leroy Merlin Logo-1980
The redesign of 1980 brought to the Leroy Merlín visual identity the image we all can see today — a solid green triangle with the black lettering placed along its diagonal sides. The inscription was set in a bold stencil serif font with thick lines and smooth massive serifs.

1996 – Today

Leroy Merlin Logo

Brand, named after its two founders, has a simple and strong visual identity. The Leroy Merlin logo is composed of a triangle with a wordmark placed on its two sides.

The bright green triangle, standing on its base is a symbol of stability and confidence, while its pleasant green color represents harmony, balance and growth. This strong symbol is accompanied by bold and strict lettering.

The Leroy Merlin wordmark is executed in all-caps in a traditional sans font, with clear and confident lines. The black color of the letters adds authority and power to the logo.

The Leroy Merlin logo is minimalist and laconic, yet says everything about the brand — it reflects success, progress and passion, while evoking a sense of security and expertise in quality and design. It is a very strong visual identity for a company with a good reputation.