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Aaron’s is an American company, which specializes in the retail of home appliances and furniture. The company was established in 1955 Georgia and today operates all over the United States and Canada, having a yearly revenue of about 4 billion USD.

Meaning and history

Aaron's logo

The Aaron’s visual identity concept is built on the principles of simplicity, friendliness, and reliability. The logo of the retailer is composed of a single wordmark with a tagline and an icon, which is usually used on its own.

The blue and white color palette of Aaron’s is a reflection of loyalty, professionalism, and responsibility of the company. The calm and light shade of blue, chosen by the brand, represents confidence and expertise, and also points to the main company’s value — its’ customers and their happiness.

The logotype of the brand is written in an ExtraBold modern sans-serif typeface, in a title case. The font of the italicized inscription in very similar to the popular Futura Pro Extra Bold Oblique.

As for the tagline, “Easy. Beautiful. Affordable.”, it uses a different style of lettering, and is executed in a thinner and stricter Vito Black font.

The Aaron’s icon, which is used for the websites and mobile applications, is a simple letter “A” inside a blue square. The white letter is written in the same Futura font, which is used for the main logotype.

The logo of the American retailer is simple and calm, yet it is very well balanced and contains all the necessary information about the company, its character, approach, and purpose.