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Crate & Barrel logoCrate & Barrel Logo PNG

Crate & Barrel is an American brand of houseware retailer, which was established in 1962 in Chicago and today has over one hundred stores across the USA, Canada, and Europe. The brand is owned by German Otto GmbH.

Meaning and history

The Crate&Barrel visual identity is laconic and minimalist, yet looks stylish and contemporary.

The Crate&Barrel wordmark, which is the only element of the company’s logo, is executed in a traditional sans-serif Helvetica typeface, with the first “C” modernized. It is almost closed and has a perfect rounded contour.
Crate & Barrel logo
The bold lines of the nameplate look strong and confident in black, which is the main color of the brand’s visual identity. The monochrome palette adds elegance and timelessness to the logo, making it bright and memorable, due to the perfect balance and the thickness of the lines.

The Crate&Barrel logo is a good example of a modern minimalist approach, it could be a perfect tag for fashion labels for the high-end restaurant. It is a confident and perfectly executed work, which can stay with the brand for many more years and will always be actual.