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Leicester City LogoFor most of its history, the logo of the Leicester City Football Club has featured a fox, which is the club’s mascot. However, the way the animal was depicted, as well as the overall design of the logo has been altered not less than ten times.

Meaning and History logo

history Leicester City Logo

The club was established in Leicester, England, in 1884 under the name of Leicester Fosse F.C. The team, which has been an FA Cup finalist four times, currently competes in the Premier League
The team’s main mascot is Filbert Fox, hence the club’s most common nickname, The Foxes. The reason why the fox theme has played an essential part in the club’s identity is that there’re a lot of foxes in Leicestershire and fox hunting is rather popular here.


Leicester City Symbol
If we take a look at the Leicester City Football Club logo adopted around 1946-1948, we will see a side view of a fox. While that was the first time the animal made its appearance on the club’s badge, it has never left the logo ever since.
On the 1948 logo, the fox is pink with the red outline, while on the 1950 emblem it grew gold. The lettering and the shield outline were also gold.


Leicester City Emblem
In 1972, the club adopted a roundel emblem featuring a comparatively realistic brown fox, which was encircled by the name of the team in blue. The frame was also blue.
The following logo unveiled in 1983 looked refreshingly minimalistic – just an outline of a fox creeping inside a blue circle frame.
In the 1992 logo, the fox’s head was placed inside the flowering plant Cinquefoil. Since then, the emblem hasn’t changed that much, although there’ve been a couple of subtle modifications.


leicester city fc logo
The current FC Leicester City logo is dominated by yellow and a muted shade of blue, while white is used as a secondary color. Various shades of blue have been used on the logo since at least 1946, while yellow or gold has also been present on most of the club’s emblems since the 1940s.
Leicester city football club logo