Lego Batman Logo

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Lego Batman is the name of a series of the Lego construction toy. The series includes various vehicles, characters, and scenes inspired by the superhero character Batman (DC Comics).

There is also a computer-animated superhero movie of the same name, which was released in 2017.

Meaning and history

The Lego Batman logo used in the movie was, of course, inspired by the main Batman’s emblem. Yet, it had an authentic touch making it different from any other emblem used to represent the superhero so far.

Lego Batman Emblem

For one, we should compare it with the 2016-2018 Batman emblem, which was introduced in Rebirth (it was during this period that the Batman Lego movie was released). You may notice that both of the bats have rather long wings spread wider than on many other versions.

The tail has almost the same shape on both the emblems. And yet, the “Lego” version has longer ends of the wings. Their tops are oriented almost horizontally, while the wings of the bat from Rebirth have a more pronounced slope.

The head on the Lego version is more prominent, while the Rebirth version doesn’t feature the head – you can only see the ears.

The symbol on the Lego version becomes the background for the name of the superhero given in large sans serif letters. The type would have looked rather generic if not for the “A’s” with their unusual “broken” lines.

Lego Batman Logo

On the left wing, the writing “the Lego” in smaller letters can be seen, while the word “movie” (also in small letters) is placed below the right wing.


On the official movie poster, the black Lego Batman logo is placed over the yellow background. The yellow is the color dominating the official Lego palette. Also, it creates an unusual and impressive contrast with the black of the emblem.