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While the Italian football club Chievo Verona has changed its name and logo at least six times, you may notice a couple of recurrent motifs.

Meaning and history

Chievo Verona Logo history

The club was established in the small borough of Chievo in 1929. For the first two years, it didn’t have any official connection with the country’s Football Federation. However, it took part in some amateur games. Back then, it was named O.N.D. Chievo. The original name was given by the fascist regime. The team played its first game within the official league in the fall of 1931.

What is Chievo Verona?
Chievo Verona is the name of a professional Italian football club, which was established in Verona in 1929, and closed in 2021. The club finished its existence as a member of the Italian Serie B, a second-tier football league, taking the first half of the series’s ranking.

1929 – 1989

Chievo Verona Logo 1960

While we know that the official colors at the time were blue and white, there’s not much information about the club’s visual brand identity. The earliest known Chievo Verona logo was used in 1960-1980. The shape of the emblem, a shield, conjures up the times of medieval knights.

1991 — 1998


Chievo Verona Logo 1991

The Chievo Verona badge, used by the club in the 1990s, was completely different from the previous version of the logo, although kept the original yellow and purple color palette. Or was a square yellow banner with a stylized enlarged letter “V”, made up of two parallel lines, and placed in the right part of the banner, with the left bar elongated and bent to the left, making up a roof above a delicate contoured image of a knight on a horse, drawn in the bottom left corner of the logo.

1998 — Today

Chievo Verona logo

The current name, Associazione Calcio Chievo Verona, was adopted in 1989. In 1991, the club introduced an emblem featuring a dark blue mounted knight on the yellow background.

The current Chievo Verona logo (1998) depicts the mounted knight inside a shield.


Chievo Verona Logo

The name of the club features a medieval-style font.


Chievo Verona symbol

The combination of blue and yellow seen on the current emblem is part of the club’s legacy.

Chievo Verona Colors

HEX COLOR: #0068B0;
RGB: (0 104 176)
CMYK: (91 59 2 0)

RGB: (255 231 44)
CMYK: (2 4 92 0)

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