Cincinnati Cyclones Logo

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Cincinnati Cyclones Logo
It should be mentioned that since 1990 there have been three ice hockey teams called the Cincinnati Cyclones. The present version of the Cincinnati Cyclones was founded in 2006. It is a member of the ECHL. The team’s location is in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Old Logo

Cincinnati Cyclones Logo

The first logo that was in use before 2014 featured a goofy cartoon character ‒ a toothless tornado, Twister, wielding a hockey stick, with the team name written to the right of it at an angle. The color palette included red, gray, black, white and yellow.
Cincinnati Cyclones Logo history
Though the cartoon logo looked a little primitive, it was fun, kid-friendly and made the Cyclones identifiable.

Current Logo

cyclones hockey cincinnati logo
The Cyclones’ current logo introduced in 2014 is the image of a large blocked letter C in black and white that stands for “Cincinnati”. In the middle of the letter there is an abstract picture of a cyclone depicted in silver (gunmetal gray), red and black colors. As we can see, the color scheme changed ‒ yellow was removed and red became brighter. And they did away with the cartoon look.
Compared to the trademark they had been using before, the new design looks minimalistic, at the same time it comprises everything concerning this hockey team.