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Lastun was an automobile manufacturer based in Romania, primarily known for producing the Oltcit Club-based “Lastun” model, a lightweight and economical car. Owned by the Romanian government, the production run was between 1986 and 1989. The company’s primary focus was on building fuel-efficient cars for the domestic market during Romania’s communist era. Located in Craiova, the factory aimed to meet the needs of urban commuters while also addressing fuel scarcity issues of the time. Despite its initial objectives, the Lastun model failed to make a significant impact and production was eventually ceased.

Meaning and history

Lastun Logo

Founded by the Romanian government, Lastun began its operations in 1986, with a mission to create lightweight and fuel-efficient vehicles. The enterprise was situated in Craiova, Romania, and the vehicle was based on the design of the Oltcit Club, which was another Romanian car. One of the main achievements of the company was the development of the Lastun car model, designed specifically to counter fuel scarcity and meet the demands of the domestic market. The car was small, weighing just about 650 kg, and could achieve a fuel consumption rate of about 5 liters per 100 km. However, despite these features and the initial hype, the Lastun model could not make a lasting impact. Production ceased in 1989, and the car is mostly remembered today as a product of its time, a sort of curiosity in the history of Romanian automotive manufacturing.

What is Lastun?
Lastun was a Romanian automaker active from 1986 to 1989, focusing on producing lightweight, fuel-efficient cars. Owned by the Romanian government and operating in Craiova, the company’s key model was based on the Oltcit Club design. Despite its initial ambitions, the Lastun car failed to gain significant traction, and production was eventually halted.