KYB Logo


KYB Corporation is an automotive company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The list of products it manufactures includes shock absorbers, air suspensions, hydraulic pumps, and valves, to name just a few. The company’s origins date back to 1919 when Kayaba Research Center was founded by Shiro Kayaba.

Meaning and history

KYB Logo history

???? – 2015

KYB Logo old

The older logo was pretty similar in style. It also featured large, heavy red letters. The white gaps were unusual, although their shape was different.

In contrast with the current KYB logo, the characters were not italicized. Below the wordmark, you could see the tagline in white inside a blue parallelepiped (“Gas Shocks”).

2015 – 2021

KYB Logo

The current KYB logo is basically just the abbreviation “KYB.” And yet, the typography that has been chosen for the design looks unique and distinctive. Due to this, the logo is memorable and stands out among its competitors.

Generally, the proportions of the letters are average. What is unusual is the white diagonal stroke (or gap) added to each of the glyphs. Due to this, the design gets a dynamic touch, which is only reinforced by the fact that the characters are italicized.

The abbreviation is typically accompanied by a tagline (“Our Precision, Your Advantage” or “World Class Shocks & Struts,” for instance).