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Korn is an iconic American metal-band, which was created in 1993 by three musician playing in L.A.P.D. group, in California. During its history, the band earned two Grammy awards and numerous of other significant prizes in music industry.

Meaning and history

Korn Logo

When the band was trying to make up the name, someone offered “corn”, the musicians started playing with the word and decided to replace “C” with “K”. As some of the band’s members worked for a retail company “Toys R Us”, they borrowed the idea of a mirrored “R” from them. That is how the KoЯn name appeared.

The KoЯn logo was designed by the band’s frontman, Jonathan Davis, who just took a crayon and draw it in one minute. The logo stuck and remained untouched During the whole band’s history.

The custom typeface of the KoЯn logo was imitated by Astigmatic One Eye studio in their Kornucopia font. The childish lines of the letters make the nameplate instantly recognizable.

Korn emblem

The band’s logo color palette usually features monochrome combination, but sometimes it is executed with the use of a Scarlett red color, which makes it more powerful and evokes a sense of endless energy.

The KoЯn logo is very strong and confident despite the chaotic and amateur lines of its typeface. It looks really stylish and timeless, creating a perfect reflection of the band’s style and approach to music.


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