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Jojo Siwa is a popular American YouTube blogger and dancer. She was born in 2003 in Omaha and first appeared on TV in 2013. Today Jojo is also a singer in the electro-pop genre and an actress with more than 10 movies and tv shows in her filmography.

Meaning and history

The Jojo Siwa visual identity is a perfect graphical representation of a young singer and actress. It is very girly and tender, yet stylish and recognizable due to the numerous curves and bright colors.

There are two versions of the main logo, which actually have one and the same composition, but are slightly different in execution. The first one, drawn in a rainbow-gradient palette is composed of a diagonally located “Jojo” inscription with the tails of both letters “J” curved as two hearts. The lettering was placed on the right from a drawn heart silhouette with a little star in the middle.

The star looks like a bright three-dimensional crystal and is one of two elements in the emblem, executed in a color, different from the main palette.

Logo Jojo Siwa

The second bright element is the singer’s surname, Siwa, written in the smaller letters under the “Jojo” wordmark. Siwa is drawn in intense pink, close to fuchsia, shade, and has both tails of the first letter “S” curved.

Another version, which is known as an official one, is close to the first one, but usually executed in bright pink or monochrome, depending on the background.

The main difference is in the size of the letters and location of the emblem’s parts. The “Jojo” inscription is placed on the left from the heart and is less diagonal than on the first version. The heart symbol is enlarged and the star in its middle is executed in the same fuchsia pink tone.

The “Siwa” part of the wordmark has its typeface changed to a bolder and a more modern one. The curves on the “S” are modified, and all the letters are slightly “jumping”, adding dynamics to the whole logo and making it look playful and vivid.

Jojo Siwa Logo


The main, fuchsia and white, the color palette of the Jojo Siwa logo is a very girly and fancy combination, which evokes a sense of tenderness, sweetness, and joy. Pink is also known to be a color of love and passion, which the young singer gives to all her fans across the globe.

As for the rainbow color scheme from another version, designed in 2017, it is a representation of energy and liveliness. The multiple colors, coming out one from another, stand for growth, life and progress, and perfectly shows the development and movement of Jojo’s career.