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Koni is the name of an automobile components brand, which was established in the Netherlands in 1857 and today is owned by ITT, an American company, specialized in designing and manufacturing of technological products in different spheres. Koni is known worldwide for its shock-absorbers of the highest quality.

Meaning and history

The Koni badge looks like an emblem of a luxury car, which is more than logical, considering the segment of the company’s activity. The logo, composed of a wordmark and an emblem is instantly recognizable by people who work with high-performance vehicles and is synonymous with Quality Mark.

The chic and fancy Koni wordmark in black capitals is accompanied by an abstract red emblem at the end, which looks like a “7” and forms an angle, pointing right. It has sleek smooth contours and thick lines, which add balance to the letters of the inscription and elevate the style of the whole emblem.

Koni Logo

The same symbol is used for the brand’s icon on websites and applications, but in the icon, it is complemented by a thin black line, which makes the image triangular with its peak pointing down.

Font and color

The custom italicized typeface of the Koni wordmark is based on a traditional sans-serif font, which might be Aspire Black Oblique or Tactic Sans Extra Extended Ultra Italic, but has the upper left corner of the “K” and the bottom right corner of the “I” softened and rounded, which adds a sense of speed and movement.

The black and red color palette of the company’s logo reflects power and passion. Placed on a white background, which adds reliability and loyalty to the brand’s qualities, the palette also represents energy and freedom.