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VetCor is a US-based company dedicated to the acquisition and management of veterinary hospitals. Owned by a group of seasoned veterinary professionals, the firm prioritizes the well-being of its practices while retaining the legacy of the original owners. VetCor operates across various states, providing quality care while ensuring that each hospital maintains its unique community-centered ethos.

Meaning and history

VetCor Logo history

Founded in 1997, VetCor was conceived with a mission to provide veterinarians with an alternative to selling their practices to corporate consolidators or large chains. Over the years, it’s grown remarkably, emphasizing preservation of the individual hospital’s culture and its ties to the community. With over 400 locations in the US, VetCor’s achievements include establishing a strong nationwide network and maintaining the individual identities of its acquired practices. Currently, VetCor stands as a testament to the benefits of combining individualized care with the resources of a larger organization, aiming to be the preferred choice for both veterinarians and pet owners.

What is VetCor?
VetCor is a leading veterinary practice management company in the US, acquiring and managing over 400 veterinary hospitals while preserving their individual identities and community ties. Founded in 1997, it offers quality care nationwide.

1990’s – 2020

VetCor Logo 1990

The “VetCor” logo is a harmonious fusion of simplicity and symbolism. A tiled mosaic showcases two prominent animals: a dog and cat, each depicted in minimalist yet recognizable forms. The color palette, consisting of blue and green hues, exudes a sense of tranquility and health, resonating with the veterinary field. The dog’s gentle face occupies the top tile, symbolizing loyalty and companionship. The bottom showcases a poised cat, hinting at independence and elegance. Adjacent to this duet, “VetCor” is written in sleek, modern typography, emphasizing professionalism and trust.

2020 – 2023

VetCor Logo 2020

The “VetCor” emblem embodies a serene and polished aesthetic, perfectly befitting the world of pet care. At its forefront, a circular paw print forms a central figure, with a heart-shaped pad indicating affection and a deep bond between pets and their caretakers. Each toe pad’s gentle curvature emanates a sense of nurture and protection. Beside this symbol, the word “VetCor” stands in a contemporary typeface. The gentle lilac shade used throughout the design exudes calmness and trust, emphasizing a commitment to the well-being of animals. Every element synergizes to convey professionalism, love, and dedication to veterinary care.

2023 – now

VetCor Logo

The “vetcor” logo adopts a fresh and vibrant perspective with its lush green hue, signifying growth, health, and vitality. The typography is modern and fluid, particularly evident in the curvaceous “v” which seems to subtly mimic the graceful arc of a leaf. The rounded, lowercase letters convey a sense of approachability and friendliness. The interplay between the bold and the slender parts of each letter demonstrates balance, suggesting both strength and care. Overall, the design captures the essence of nature and well-being, making it apt for an entity that resonates with life and rejuvenation.