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København is the name of a Danish football club, which was established in 1992. Today the club from Denmark, nicknamed “The Lions” ( which is “Loverne” in Danish) is owned by Parker Sport & Entertainment group and has Stale Solbalken as the head coach.

Meaning and history

København logo

The visual identity of one of the most famous football clubs in Denmark is modern and stylish. Created in 1992, its logo follows all the latest trends of the contemporary design and looks like it was drawn just yesterday, by the most popular and exclusive artist.

The circular København badge is composed of only three elements, executed in blue and red, and placed on a white background. The main part of the logo is the head of a lion, placed in profile, and looking to the left. The animal’s image makes the bottom right part of the circle, being drawn in solid blue with only mane and eye having white accents.

The upper left part of the badge is composed by the club’s wordmark, which is written in all capitals and executed in a bold and modern sans-serif typeface, slightly narrowed. The inscription uses the same calm blue color as the lion.

The lower left part of the circular badge is made up of four smooth red lines, creating a partial double outline of the badge and adding some color to the overall composition.