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Valencia Club de Fútbol was established in 1919 in the city of Valencia located on the east coast of Spain. Today, it’s the country’s third most supported football club.

Meaning and history

Valencia logo history

1919 — 1921

Valencia Logo 1919

1921 — 1941

Valencia Logo 1921Only two years later, in 1921, the team adopted a new logo, which looked very much like the current one. There was a shield with a football over red and yellow stripes. On the top of the shield, there was a blue line with the white text “Valencia CF.” Above it, you could see a bat with its wings spread. The shield and the wings seamlessly merged in an upside-down drop shape.

1941 — 1992

Valencia Logo 1941

1992 — 2001

Valencia Logo 1992

2001 — 2009

Valencia Logo 2001

2009 — Today

Valencia logo