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Fuchs Petrolub SE is a leading global lubricant company. It specializes in the development, production, and distribution of high-quality lubricants and related products. The company is publicly listed and does not have a single owner. Fuchs Petrolub SE operates in various countries worldwide, catering to industries such as automotive, manufacturing, and aerospace. It is based in Mannheim, Germany, and works at over 30 production plants. The company was established in 1931.

Meaning and history

Fuchs Logo

Although the Fuchs logo is based on a pretty generic palette, it has a unique touch and looks dynamic. It somehow echoes the Pepsi logo (both in terms of colors and shape).

In the center, there is the name of the brand set in simplistic san where all the strokes forming the glyphs have equal width. The italics add some implied motion, yet the majority of the logo’s dynamism comes from the four shapes surrounding the wordmark. The shapes can be described as swooshes or halves of a smile. They create an illusion of circular motion.

What is Fuchs?
Fuchs Petrolub SE is a German multinational company that specializes in the production and distribution of lubricants and related products. It is one of the world’s largest independent manufacturers of lubricants and has a strong global presence.