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Kiton is one of the most respected and recognizable not only in Italy but also all over the world luxury clothing and accessories brands. The brand name Kiton, from the ancient Greek “Khiton”, a type of clothing of the ancient Greeks, was registered in 1968. However, its history dates back to 1956, when textile merchant Ciro Paone founded a company with the name CI.PA.

Meaning and history

In the mid-1970s, men’s suits from Kiton, at that time the factory’s only products,  were among the most popular in Europe. Later, the brand opened a line of women’s clothing and began producing accessories. Today, its branded boutiques are open in almost 70 countries around the world.

Each suit takes at least 25 hours of manual labor, and up to 45 employees of the company work on its creation. In total, Kiton produces about 20 thousand suits a year. Some of them are sewn according to individual measurements, and their cost starts from 20 thousand dollars, and for the model K-50, which are produced no more than 50 pieces a year — up to 50 thousand dollars. The company has only one factory — in the city of Arzano near Naples and works at it only a little more than three hundred tailors. The factory has a school of tailoring, founded by the first owner of the brand.

For Kiton everything is about elegance and high quality. Fabrics, silhouettes, comfort of the clothes and accessories produced by the brand everything is on top. The brand carefully preserves sewing traditions and still uses sewing technologies that have not changed since the 1960s. The best fabrics are used for sewing clothes, and some of them are produced exclusively by order of the company itself.

What is Kiton?
Kiton is the name of an Italian luxury fashion brand producing clothing, footwear, and accessories for successful and self-confident people. The company was founded under the name CI.PA in 1956 by Ciro Paone, a representative of a well-known Italian family of fabric merchants. The Kiton brand received its present name in 1968.

In terms of visual identity, the Kiton brand is as exquisite as in the design and production of its collections. The logo of the luxury Italian fashion house is bold and stable, yet the shapes of the characters and the color palette depict sophistication and style.

???? – Today

Kiton Logo

The logo of Kiton is all about excellence. It is based on bold title case lettering in a confident serif typeface with the dot above the “I” enlarged and painted in scarlet red. This dot is the only color accent in the Kiton badge which stays untouched in both official versions — white lettering on a black background, and black inscription on white. This red dot is synonymous with the quality sign, a power button, pressing which you will get into the world of luxury fashion.

Font and color

Kiton Emblem

The heavy yet elegant lettering from the primary Kiton logo is set in a bold title case of a strong serif typeface with slightly extended characters. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Hoosegow JNL, King Tuttrade, or VTC Bloke, but with thinner serifs on the ends of the thick bars.

As for the color palette of the Kiton visual identity, it is based on a classic black, red, and white tricolor, which is very contrasting and intense, and evokes a sense of chic style, excellence, and timelessness.