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Kentucky Logo
The logo used by the Kentucky Wildcats became the subject of a subliminal sexual scandal in the late 1990s. The team had even to modify its emblem to get rid of the accusations.

Meaning and History logo

university of kentucky logo

The Kentucky Wildcats are intercollegiate athletic squads of the University of Kentucky. The female athletes and women’s teams of the University were called “Lady Kats” throughout much of the club’s history until in the middle of the 1990s the name “Wildcats” was adopted by the athletes of both the genders.
The nickname “Wildcats” was given to the club in 1909, after a football road victory over Illinois. The earliest truly memorable Kentucky logo appeared in 1973. The emblem, which looked really aggressive, depicted a wild cat with an open mouth. The outline of the Kentucky state was placed at the background. The only colors were blue and white.


Symbol Kentucky
In comparison with the original emblem, the 1989 one looked much less realistic. The cartoonish wild cat placed behind the large letters “U” and “K” was stretching its paw with very sharp claws ahead. The club received a lot of complaints from people who said the cat’s tongue looked more phallic than tongue-like, so eventually they had to modify the emblem. Not only was the tongue altered, but the whole color scheme was changed.

Current emblem

emblem Kentucky
Today, the club’s main logo is a combination of two interlacing letters, “U” and “K” (University of Kentucky). It was first used in 1997 as an alternative to the main emblem. In 2016 there was a slight shift in the color scheme as well as a modification of the shape of the letters.


Font Kentucky Logo
Both the wordmark and the Kentucky Wildcats logo consisting of two letters feature almost the same traditionally-looking serif typeface. In comparison with the wordmark, the logo features slightly broader versions of the letters “U” and “K”.


Color Kentucky Logo
The current Kentucky logo combines both the University’s official colors, Kentucky Blue and White. Kentucky Blue is a saturated shade of dark blue. Although earlier logos also played with the combination of blue and white, the shades were slightly different.