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Keddo is a British brand of footwear. A lot of their products are colorful, quirky modern shoes. That includes sneakers, gumshoes and a lot of other less-than-formal designs for a modern young person. Currently, these products are mostly sold in the UK, United States, Europe and Japan.

Meaning and History

The company started operations in 1990. The name, reportedly, derives from the name of one of the Native American tribes. In their tongue, it means ‘the real people’. It’s a poetic explanation, and it’s unclear what the connection is supposed to mean. Perhaps, it just sounds very similar to ‘kiddo’, which, the youth, is the target audience.

1990 – today

Keddo Logo

The logo is just the brand’s name, like in the cases of many other fashion companies. The letters, however, have a unique style. They look heavy and resemble something vaguely exotic, like the Chinese glyphs. They have abrupt turns, straight lines with varying width and prominent, blocky serifs. The letters are also very tall, and there’s an emphasis mark above the ‘E’.