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Orby is a Russian brand of clothing and accessories for kids and teenagers. The also offers various shoe models and calls itself “a new generation school uniforms designer”. The company was established in 2002, with its first store opened in 2006.

Meaning and history

Orby Logo history

The Orby visual identity is bright and modern. Composed of a wordmark, its logo looks fresh and young, as the products the brand sells.

The red and white color palette of the Orby logo is a reflection of passion and energy, and the company uses it in two different ways: red inscription on a white background, which looks professional and evokes a sense of expertise and authority; and a white wordmark on a red background, which shows the company’s focus on the young audience, and its passionate and dynamic character.

The Orby logo is friendly and welcoming, it has some playful details and is instantly recognizable due to its bright color palette. It is also a traditional visual identity design for the fashion industry, as looks great on tags and packaging of the brand’s items.

2002 – 2008

Orby Logo 2002

2008 – 2016

Orby Logo 2008

2016 – now

Orby Logo

The Orby nameplate in all the lowercase letters is written in a bold sans-serif type-face with smooth rounded lines and a distinct “Y”, which adds sharpness and unique style to the inscription. “Y” is the only capitalized letter of the wordmark and it accents on the progressive approach and free spirit of the brand.