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Kahoot! is the name of an online service for creating interactive tasks, established in 2013. The platform allows you to create tests, surveys, and quizzes. The service can be used when working with all age categories and is interesting both for teachers and students.

Meaning and history

Kahoot! has gained incredible popularity in the past few years. It is a free game-based learning platform that is suitable for any academic subject and any age. The tasks created in Kahoot allow you to include photos and even video clips. The pace of quizzes and tests is controlled by setting a time limit for each question.

Kahoot hosts a quiz game with answers to a variety of questions. The number of questions varies, the topics are chosen by the game leader, and if there is no team, the service generates the team and topics itself. Correct answers are converted into points, at the end of each question you can find out your place in the ranking of the team. At the end of the game, you see a diagram with the number of points, it also shows how many correct answers you gave.

Kahoot! can be used for free, but other forms of questions are available with the paid rate: open-ended questions, surveys, and the like. However, the free version is enough to make the class interactive.

What is Kahoot?

Kahoot! is the platform, created in 2013 with the idea to make educational projects fun and interesting for everyone. You can use it to create your own quiz, survey, educational game, or even marathon. The service works both on the desktop version and as a mobile app.

In terms of visual identity, the service is pretty conservative, as still uses the original logo, created in 2013, although sometimes new colors are added to the composition, switching the plain white background to something bold and geometric.

2013 – Today

Kahoot! Logo

The original Kahoot! the logo was designed in 2013, by the launch of the project. It is a bold custom logotype in a purple and white color palette, where the text can be purple, and placed on a plain white background, or white, with the background in purple, which can sometimes be complemented by darker geometric elements.

The typeface of the title case inscription is what makes the Kahoot! logo instantly recognizable. Massive sans-serif letters with straightly cut edges are jumping above the line and look as if they were written by a kid, although the clean distinct contours evoke a sense of professionalism. The exclamation mark at the end of the logotype features its upper element triangular, and the dot is replaced by a pentagon, with the peak pointing down.

Another version of the Kahoot! logo boasts a background formed by four squares: red, green, yellow, and blue, with the logotype set in white. These squares reflect the process of the game itself, where you are given four cards (in different colors) with the answers and have to pick the right one.

Kahoot! Icon

As for the mobile app icon, the platform uses its original purple and white color palette, where the iconic recognizable “K” followed by an exclamation sign, is set on a solid purple square with rounded angles.

The combination of purple and white is not only about brightness and intense image. Purple is the color that has always been associated with knowledge and wisdom, while white stands for loyalty, transparency, and professionalism.