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Justmylook emerged as a purveyor of premium beauty selections, specializing in professional haircare and chic cosmetic products for the UK market. This homegrown family business stands out for its effortless purchasing process and unparalleled aftercare service. With an appeal that has garnered a following of over 3 million beauty enthusiasts across the UK, Justmylook has established itself as a cornerstone in the industry. Its commitment to delivering top-tier products, coupled with a genuine passion for customer satisfaction, has cemented the brand’s reputation as a key player in the beauty domain, continuously innovating while maintaining its familial charm and business ethos.

Meaning and history

Since its inception in 2015, Justmylook has remained a family-run business, dedicated to fueling the United Kingdom’s beauty obsession. The company has held on to its roots, steadily growing into a favored destination for beauty enthusiasts. It hasn’t reported changes in ownership, suggesting stability and a consistent vision. Justmylook prides itself on offering an extensive range of products, including exclusive haircare and the latest cosmetics, all while providing a hassle-free shopping experience coupled with unmatched customer service. This approach has earned them a robust following, with over 3 million customers in the UK. The brand’s history reflects a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction rather than shifts in ownership or production changes​​.


Justmylook Logo

At its heart is a monogram within a circular enclosure, featuring a stylized ‘J’ that flows with an organic, fluid motion, suggesting both elegance and approachability. The monogram is set against a stark black backdrop, allowing the white lines to stand out with clarity. Beneath this emblem, the brand’s name is spelled out in bold, black, uppercase letters with a sans-serif font that conveys modernity and straightforwardness. The design’s dichotomy of round and straight lines offers a visual representation of the brand’s dynamic and versatile nature.