Eddie Bauer Logo

Eddie Bauer LogoEddie Bauer Logo PNG

Eddie Bauer is a fashion retail brand, which was established in 1929 in the USA. The company has three different segments of apparel: from luxury to affordable, and today mostly operates via its online store.

Meaning and history

The Eddie Bauer visual identity features a beautiful script logo. The black lettering is placed on a white square, which is located on a bigger black one.

The wordmark in sleek bold cursive is elegant and luxurious. All the letters are connected, which creates a sense of unity and harmony. The las “R” has a tricky tail, and it adds uniqueness and individuality to the inscription.

The monochrome color palette, traditional for the fashion industry, look modern as stylish on the Eddie Bauer logo due to the interesting use of shapes.

Eddie Bauer Logo

The Eddie Bauer logo is sophisticated and timeless, but it is also powerful and contemporary. A strong combination, which makes the brand stand out and reflects a stable and confident company, which values quality and design and aims to provide its customers with the best products possible.

It is a perfect example of how simplicity and traditional palette can be high-end and striking.