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J&T Express Logo
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J & T Express is the name of an Indonesian company, which was established in 2015, and is engaged in express delivery and shipping activities. Today the company operates in 13 countries worldwide and is considered to be one of the top unicorn companies in the world.

Meaning and history

J & T Express is one of the loudest Indonesian startups of the last decade. The company has received $4.5 billion from investors in 2021 and is now valued at about $8 billion. J&T Express delivers packages in several Asian and Latin American countries.

Established in August 2015, J&T Express has successfully reached its place on the top of the list of Asian delivery services providers. It took only 2 years for J&T Express to become one of the largest express companies in Indonesia, an archipelago country of more than 17,000 islands. That was a real challenge for the company, to start working in the delivery segment in this country.

The existence of J&T Express has made a huge change in the express delivery industry in Indonesia. Through an in-depth study of market behavior and consumer demand analysis, J&T Express decided to be the first to introduce a free delivery service with no minimum weight, quantity, and distance. The service allows customers to have their parcels delivered without leaving their homes or going to the nearest J&T Express branch. The main thing the company did was open offices all over Indonesia from the very beginning. And this approach worked just fine.

Backed by a complicated and reliable IT system, J&T Express was the first express service company to provide a real-time package tracking system through phone applications or a website.

Today the company operates in 13 countries on different continents and plans to expand further, providing more customers across the globe with a super reliable delivery service.

What is J & T Express?
J & T Express is an international parcel delivery service, which was established in Indonesia in 2015, and by today has grown into a huge chain of offices in 13 countries worldwide, with the real-time parcel tracking opportunity.

2015 — Today

J&T Express Logo

The visual identity of the company has been pretty consistent, with the logo, designed in 2015, and never changed yet. The badge of the Indonesian company is set in red and white, with the stylized white lettering written against a solid red square. The “J & T” part of the inscription uses custom design solutions for its contours, while the “Express” part is set in a clean and minimalistic sans-serif typeface. The horizontal bar of the “T” has its right part cut in stripes, making up a wing, which stands for motion and speed, reflecting the purpose of the company.

Font and color

J&T Express Logo Font

The bold white lettering from the primary J & T Express logo is split into two parts: a stylized “J&T” in a custom typeface with interesting shapes of the glyphs and unique contour of the ampersand, and a simple italicized “Express”, set in a medium-weight sans-serif typeface, which looks pretty close to Vialog Medium Italic SC and Polymer Medium Caps Italic fonts.

As for the color palette of the J & T Express visual identity, it is set in red and white, a powerful combination, evoking a sense of professionalism and progressiveness, at the same time pointing to the high quality of services, provided by the company.

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